Upload a favourite picture of your best friend (Day 9 of 30)

Upload, huh? Doesn’t say anything about writing here! So technically I don’t have to write anything, riiigght? No. Oh.

So, Sarah. She’s my bestest friend ever. Well, apart from Tim. But that’s okay, I’m sure she loves Steve more than me, and I can allow that! Sarah is my bestest friend that I’m not married to though. Apart from people in my family, I’ve known her longer than anyone. Well, I guess apart from the rest of her family, whom I all met at the same time. Man, we were all so different 15 years ago. Liz was a tiny baby. And we were all still kids, playing dress-ups and being bratty, and generally not appreciating how amazing Sarah is. Well, I guess that was mostly me. I remember being so jealous of her all the time ’cause she was (is) so beautiful and special. There were a lot of times when we wouldn’t speak to each other over some dumb thing or another. But eventually, we always came back together, until I finally hit sentience and realised how amazing she is, and that I was so lucky to have a friend like her.

Anyway, here’s her picture!

This was taken on the morning of her wedding, at which I was lucky enough and honoured to be a bridesmaid. All the other bridesmaids had stayed the night that night, but I had slept at home because I hadn’t slept the night before or something. This is while I was a huge insomniac. So I hadn’t seen her for a day or two. And I just remember walking in and thinking how just radiant she looked. She was glowing with happiness. She just looked beautiful. And I mean, this lady looks beautiful at the worst of times. She could walk out of a housefire looking like a super-model. But now, goodness, she just took my breath away.

I tried so hard to capture that gorgeousness, I’ve never seen her looking more happy or alive. It didn’t really work, this picture is as close as I got. I guess it wasn’t so much how she looked, as how she acted and her aura of happiness. I couldn’t stop hugging her. I imagine I was actually pretty annoying, while she was running around trying to get things done. But I was just so happy for her, I couldn’t stop. I almost brought the wrath of her Dad down on me when I kissed her cheek getting out of the car and left lipgloss on her face. But she was so calm and collected and just growled right back at him and wiped it off as though nothing had happened.

Sarah is amazing. I can’t ever express how much. I think it’s something that I’d only really be able to share with Steve, and even then, he’d probably be like, “Yep.” And then keep watching the cricket or something. Lawl! I don’t mean to imply that he doesn’t appreciate you, Sair! (But he doesn’t. Well, not enough, anyway.)

I don’t know. I think I’m going to stop there. There’s so much you can say about Sarah, but I feel sort of, I don’t know. Weird. Sarah knows how much I love her and she knows how much I love Steve and she knows how much I love Liz. So there’s not that much more to say. How much I love my Sair goes beyond words, it can only be expressed through… I don’t know. A lot of hugging and crying.

Love you, Sair.

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3 thoughts on “Upload a favourite picture of your best friend (Day 9 of 30)”

  1. Jeez Sarah! Way to steal even a SMALL SLICE of my wife’s affections. I demand you stop being an awesome person immediately so I can have her all to myself.

    (Actually please don’t, you are a cool chick and Jess loves you very much)

  2. More hugging! I’m so glad to be the owner of even a small piece of Jess’s love and affetion! I love the line where I ‘growled right back at him’…such awesome visuals!

    Thanks for the gushfest…I feel all warm and fuzzy but in need of special Jess hugs! Miss you heaps!

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