Places travelled, and places I’d like to travel (Day 8 of 30)

Hi everybody!

Sorry it’s been a little while. Between feeling shitty, getting really drunk and feeling pretty bummed out about the whole blogging thing, I thought I’d take a little holiday and come back fresher than ever with the start of the new week. That, and I’ve been playing Neverwinter Nights like a fiend. Not as much as Steam would lead you to believe, though. That’s just me leaving it open all day. It really means a lot to me that you know that I’m not actually playing for 12 hours straight.

But yeah, big weekend. Debari is going to Sweden, you see. So we had to send him off with style, and a massive fanfare of drunkenness. It was a great party, I had a really really good time. Hopefully everyone else, especially Debari, did as well.

And now Rosie has conjunctivitis. Unrelated, I assure you. But yeah, it makes me sad. Because she’s feeling icky obviously, and wants cuddles and attention from her Mama to make her feel better (this is an actual thing). But I am really scared of getting it for some reason. I don’t know why, I’m just terrified of the idea of getting it. Poor puppy.

True story though, when we woke up and confirmed that she had it, we were freaking out a little, because I had a psychologist appointment today, which you can’t cancel within 24 hours without paying for it. But we need to take her to the vet. But we don’t have enough money to pay for both. So we were freaking out, as I said. Then, literally seconds or a minute later, I get a phonecall, saying that my psych has to cancel because she is sick. I felt really bad, but I could barely keep the relief out of my voice. Obviously I hope she is okay, and not too sick, but she answered our prayers beautifully and with amazing timing.

So now we can take Rosie to the vet! Yay!

She hates the vet. … Yay!

Anyway, let’s talk about travelling. I haven’t been to a lot of places. I’ve never even left Australia! The furthest I travel is between Perth and Sydney. But man, I hate that flight. I hate it so much. Because I’m always leaving someone behind, and feel like shit. It’s usually worse on the Sydney-Perth flights, but yeah. Infinitely depressing.

Coming to Perth the first time was pretty magical. I’d never gone anywhere by myself before, and suddenly I was in a strange city with no-one to rely on but myself. Tim was there, of course, but I didn’t know him then like I know him now, so I couldn’t rely on him completely. Also, he had to work a lot. So there were a lot of times when I was just wandering about the city on my own. That was pretty fun. I lost a lot of weight on that trip, because I wasn’t eating much during the day, and I was walking fucking everywhere.

And there were so many sweet dates. Funnily enough, the one I remember most – apart from when Tim told me he loved me for the first time, which is one of my favourite memories – is the one that he is most ashamed of. We went out for pizza and were taking home the leftovers. But while we were paying, Tim dropped my pizza on the floor, and it went everywhere. Haha, he still feels bad about that. I told him at the time that it was fine, and I’ve been telling him ever since, but he still feels bad. We’ve had so many pizzas since then, but he still feels bad! I love him.

So yeah, that was awesome. The other place I’ve been that I really loved was the Blue Mountains. Man, it is so beautiful up there. Tim and I went up there for a night or two for my 20th birthday, so that’s the middle of summer. But the whole time we were up there, apart from the first afternoon, it was just SO FOGGY. It was crazy. You could barely see a few metres in front of you. It was actually pretty dangerous to drive, you had to drive really slowly. But man, it was like a magical wonderland, endless seas of trees and fog in every direction. Ah, what a beautiful trip. I love the Blue Mountains so much. I look forward to going up there again when we go back to Sydney.

So where else would I like to travel? Well, lemme tell you, Debari’s plans of exciting things to do in Sweden is making me pretty jealous. So while maybe not Sweden in particular, I’d sure love to hit Scandanavia somewhere. I have Scandanavian roots, so maybe it’s just my inner viking wanting to return home at last.

Welp, Tim’s Mum was just here for like 2 hours! So I guess there was a break there.

Anyway, the one place I want to travel more than anywhere in the world is Antartica. Not one of those fly-by rip-offs either, I wanna go on a fucking Icebreaker. I want to SEE Antartica. I think that would be amazing. ‘Cause like, anywhere you go with people, even though people are culturally diverse and exciting, it’s still basically the same everywhere you go. The world is becoming smaller and more homogenous. But Antartica. Man, people still die in Antartica. It is untamed. It is wild. It is really, really cold. I just think it would be amazing. Also, somewhere like Siberia, where there are just no people around for miles in any direction.

I dunno. I’m pretty scared of things when it comes down to it. A lot of things. So while I say I would like to travel to these places, given the opportunity, I probably wouldn’t. I almost chickened out of going to the UK for our Honeymoon, ’cause that shit was too scary. OoooOoOoOoo, english peeeoppllee! No.

But I do want to go to Antartica. I’d like to say it’s my dream, but I don’t know if I have any dreams. But it’s something that I’m going to do at some point. Hopefully. I guess.

Haha, that reminded me of when Sarah (Perth) and I were talking drunkenly into Debari’s camera the other night. Do you remember, Sarah? We were making fun of everyone elses messages. Lawwwll. Good times.

Good times.

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  1. I do still feel bad about that pizza! As you say we have eaten like 9,241 pizzas since then but yeah, you should totally dash mine on the floor one time to even it out (please don’t do that, I need my pizza). Let’s go to Antartica! We definitely should.

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