My parents! (Day 4 of 30)

Huh, my parents.

Sorry I’m updating a little late today, I’ve been fighting bronchitis for over a week now, and today I was losing. It keeps seeming like it’s going away, and then one day I’ll wake up and feel like I have a dog sitting on my chest. Then I move Rosie, and I still feel like I have a lump of lead sitting in my lungs. So today was one of those days. Actually went back to the doctor, and he put me on a whole new kind of antibiotic. And wants me to give him a sputum sample. Goddamn. I felt so sorry for the poor pathology collection chick. I was like, “Uhhhh, I’ll do it at home.”

But anyway! My parents! I’ve blogged a lot about them before, I think. Specifically in the entry where I explained why we’re moving back to Sydney. So with a bit of luck, I’ll be able to keep this one short and then get back to feeling like a big ol’ butt again.

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My First Love (Day 3 of 30)

Okay! Well, I sat down and really thought about this one. I really didn’t know where to start. I mean, there have always been crushes and “so and so has the hots for you know who” and that sort of business. But where do you draw the line and say, “This is a schoolgirl crush and this is love.” To some, well, to many, I’m sure that’s a really easy question to answer, I mean, love is LOVE, right? You can’t fake that, you can’t fool it.

But if there’s one thing you should learn about me, if nothing else, is that I am passionate. Not about anything in particular, just in general. And that doesn’t mean I just LOVE everything either, it means I hate and love with equal ferocity. Obviously I try not to hate too many things, but if I get started on something, you’re not going to hear the end of it for a while. This is also why I’m absolutely useless in arguements. When something starts getting heated, I get wild off the emotion and I can’t talk, I can’t reason, I can’t stand up for myself. I just scream or cry as appropriate. Sometimes both.

Anyway, enough of this philosophical claptrap. This is all beside the point. I just wanted you to know that this one is difficult for me, because I feel like I’ve loved people and things and places my entire life, and I don’t know what the first one possibly could have been.

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Nicknames! (Day 2 of 30)

That went well, I think!

Soooo, this’ll probably be a pretty short entry, cause I haven’t had a lot of nicknames in my time. But it’s got me here, and it’s got me writing, and that’s the main thing, even if it’s a short entry.

So, nicknames. Like I said, I haven’t had many. I guess ’cause I’ve got one of those names that nicknames itself quite easily? Like, why come up with something like, uh, “Meatfist” when you can just call me, “Jess”, right? So most of my life, it’s just been Jess. I guess there was a bit of Jessie in there as well, when I was a bit younger, cause that’s cute, right?

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Thirty Days of Jess (Day 1)


While I was stumbling around the internet today, I came across a person’s blog who was doing an interesting thing. An interesting thing that he apparently stole from someone else, which in turn, I am now stealing from him! It’s called “The 30 day blog challenge”! Credit where credit is due, I am totally stealing this from, a site I came across on my daily StumbleUpon wanderings. I am stealing it, it is not my idea or my property – I just thought it was awesome, and am doing it for all the reasons she mentioned as well, such as getting over writer’s block.

Here’s what I’ll be writing about for the next 30 days. A lot of this stuff you might know about me already, dear readers, but even if you do, it might be an interesting new take on an old story or give you a new perspective on something you never thought to ask about in greater detail. Anyway, here’s the list:

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Okay, here’s why!

Let’s blog and roll, ladies and gentlemans!

So I decided I should make an annoucement. Well, not really an announcement so much as an explanation. Or aaaa… dinosaur, I don’t know.

Point is a lot of you have noticed I mentioned Sydney in my posts etc. I figured it wouldn’t be a big deal, I imagine I’d be heading back to Sydney at some point, all my family and friends are over there! But I dunno, you’ve all got weird intuition powers or something, so I’ll just come right out and say it.

I’m moving back to Sydney.

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