Aluminium Chef: It Burns So Much


On today’s episode of Aluminium Chef, you will learn the following things:

1) Putting a Cadbury Creme Egg in the microwave to make it all “nice and melty” to go over your ice cream will result in a loud, ear-piercing shriek as the gooey creme filling bursts forth, geyser like, from the chocolate shell and sprays all over the inside of the microwave.

2) The gooey creme filling will be superheated to a temperature comparable to that of molten lava as it exits the chocolate shell. Touching the gooey creme lava will cause first degree burns to your fingers.

3) As the filling that decorates the inside of your microwave slowly cools, you will discover that it is almost impossible to clean off. You will spend at least fifteen minutes furiously scrubbing as you hold your hand in a glass of cold water, incredulous with pain and rage, alternating under your breath between vicious swearing and confused denial.

4) Thoroughly cautious, you will gently touch the now-empty but surprisingly intact chocolate shell of the Creme Egg, only to find that is in fact stone fucking cold.

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4 thoughts on “Aluminium Chef: It Burns So Much”

  1. probably could have saved you the troble and told you that yes, what is in there is almost the culinary equivilant of napalm and hot sugar syrup should never ever be touched.
    Snarky comments aside I hope your ok tim. A rag soaked I’m hot water then held to said goo should soften it enough to scrape or scrub off. Hope you ok

  2. Is it insensitive that I was hoping for some sort of video or aftermath photo with this post? …yes… it probably is.

    Ack. Hope the burning heals quickly and doesn’t blister. 🙁

  3. Tim: Love ya, buddy!

    Sean: I’m okay! I appreciate your concern though. I will look into your “rag and hot water” theory when it comes time to clean the microwave next!

    Nick: That’s okay! I am basically a train wreck of a cook, I can understand you slowing down as you drive by, if that makes any sense as an analogy.

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