A nice holiday

Well, I’m early for my lunchdate, so blogging when I have nothing better to do has always worked in the past, right? Only now – I’m doing it on my phone. So yeah, spelling mistakes. Watch out for those.

Between this and listening to music, I’m sure I’m giving my battery a run for it’s money. Or, well, my money, I guess.

Man it shits me that different songs are different volumes. There should be some kind of normalizing software built in. Or at least some kind of volume control on the headset so I don’t have to go digging it outta my pocket every five minutes.

Jeez, I’m sorry I’d I don’t have any life changing epiphanies for you! I’m pretty freaking hungry, not to mention thirsty. Does that count? I mean, that’s pretty life changing, right? If I don’t get something soon I’ll DIE. If that’s not life changing, I don’t know what is.

Alright, lemme think.

Oh right. So I got a call from Thingz in Belmont today. They want to interview me for a job. Yay, right? Well, not really. I mean, hell, I could get money, and lots of it. But… is it wrong that I don’t want to work full time? I have no problems with working. Even working full time. I just… can’t face the same thing everyday. Two jobs that equal fulltime of something. I just can’t face waking up, working all day and then going I bed to wake up and do it again. Particularly in a job I have no real interest in.

I feel really whingy, and in the “current economic climate”, as Tim would put it, I know there are lots of people looking for work that can’t get any at the moment, and I’ve put a lot of resumes out, and this is the only reply. I’m just… hesitant to invest so much time in a job I don’t want and whose skillset is so basic that I won’t even take anything away from the experience except piles and piles of money.

Goddamn, and now I’m talking myself out of it. And Tim did such a good job of talking me into it this morning.

Man, I haven’t listened to a lot of music lately. Basically my intake has been nonexistent since moving to Perth since I no longer spend 6+ hours in front of MSN talking to Tim, where all my music listening used to take place. But I’m slowly rediscovering my playlist. Slowly, slowly but surely.

I sort of feel like it’s stagnating though. And I don’t have the patience to discover new tracks like I used to. I listen so infrequently now that I just want to hear the goodstuff, not try and listen to new things. Which makes me sad. Oh so sad.

Having said that, funny story. I was going through Wikipedia last night, via the random page function, and found the page of a band that sounded interesting. Couple of iTunes purchases later, and, uh, yep. I guess it wasn’t that funny afterall.

There are flowers on the seat next to me. There aren’t any trees around of the same type, so they couldn’t have blown here, despite the substantial wind. I like to imagine the story of these flowers, like somebody brought them here after a break with a loved one, and they got left behind. Bittersweet.

Ah, young/old/middle-age love/courtship/marriage/flowerlover.

Yep. I don’t even know any more. For complete juxtaposition, I can’t wait to get so drunk I can’t feel anything anymore on Saturday. That’s going to be a nice holiday.

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8 thoughts on “A nice holiday”

  1. iTunes and iPods have a volume normalisation feature builtin. Now if only my Nokia mobile did too :
    Speaking of iTunes, DRM-free now! 😀 I can listen to iTunes purchased songs anywhere.

    I understand your feelings about the job. I think you should go for it though. Money is very useful. You can always leave later if/when you get sick of it or a better offer comes around.

  2. I already said my piece this morning, as you know! You have a good resume and the crazy turnaround time on this application proves it! I’m glad you’re going for the interview, even if you turn it down though, it’s at least worth seeing what they’re offering. The worst that can happen is you earn enough money to be able to take a break for a while, while you look for more casual work! And buy a shiny pink laptop to write your new resume on.

  3. Yep, I agree with Tim. But yep you should’nt take the job just for money sake. At least not this early in the game. If it’s not what you want then leave it. Like Tim said it was pretty quick so chances are if you keep putting in all these resumes that you’ll get another hit really soon. But it’s definatly worth going to the interview, you may find you like the place or the people or something when you get there and it’s actually alright. You never know.

  4. I would say the smart thing would be to take the job and the money! Given you guys are living out of home and have to pay food/rent and bills every dollar helps! If its easy work then you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

    Once you’ve been there for a month or so, you will most likely be able to negotiate your contract down to casual. Employers will always be flexible for staff they want to keep around.

    Good luck 🙂

  5. i think you should definatly take the job. shit its not like your choosing a forever career or anything dude… its just you know, a job! Pays enough money that it takes the stress of you guys, u can pay the rent and enjoy your weekends a bit more. Ive had plenty of boring ass jobs in my time, you do them, u go home, u sleep and u get up and do it again… for 5 days no less, then the weekend comes around and PRESTO, you got money in your bank and u can go out and do things guilt free!

    i understand the monotony thing. I worked at the same boring job for 3 years. I learned stupid skills ill never use again 😛 But it meant that at 16, i didnt have to live at home, I baught like 3 cars, i payed for myself to study and hey, now im at a place i love and ive never been happier.

    You gotta do the shit jobs to get the good ones man.
    Life aint easy, shit doesnt just fall in your lap and you might not get that dream job your after for years to come. Ive been working full time almost since i was 16, it aint so bad.

  6. Hay guys! So many comments! Thank you for being so supportive, and it seems like your all in favour of me trying for the job! I guess I should mention I haven’t even confirmed an interview with her yet, ’cause I couldn’t get through to them. But I’ll probably head in tomorrow, then it’ll be NEWS TIME. But thanks for all your insights and thoughts.

  7. I dissent, if for no other reason than the joy contradiction brings me. I know I complain a lot, but my job is by leaps and bounds the most fruitful source of woe my life has yet found to tap – it has been instrumental in the systematic undoing of my education, my social life, my calm and my general joie de vivre.

    Kibbutz’s and the like aside, you need to work, money must be had and money must be spent. I am begrudgingly complicit with materialism. But if we’re to spend our lives, or most of it, toiling away for a currency whose worth is only arbitrarily assigned (there’s a lengthy personal take on existentialism attached to this I can never satisfactorily articulate, so I wont), do it on your own terms. Or at least those you can most comfortably resign yourself to. Or not. You know, just… rock out. It’s also good advice to not accept advice from people who don’t follow it themselves.

  8. Also, I’m saddened I missed out on seeing you liqoured up and insensible, but I suppose no one is to blame for that. And by no one I mean Tim. Tim is to blame. Bad, Tim.


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