Amazingly amazing


What an amazing blog. It looks just amazing. Amazingly amazing. I’m amazed.

Honestly, I’m almost speechless with how good it looks. Almost, but I still gotta blog, right? But seriously, Tim has done an incredible job, and I thank him from the bottom of my heart.

Tim, thank you.

Together, we will make beautiful writings together. Or rather, separately, but they’ll be published together. And look awesome in the process. FREAKIN’ AWESOME.

I’m trying not to gush here, but really. Wow. Still, gotta move on to something new and shiny and interesting!

Well now. It’s been about a million years since I last blogged, so I’m not going to try and recount everything, cause that’d be boring, and hell, I can’t remember it all anyway. I have just returned from Sydney, so I could regale you will hilarious anecdotes from there, but honestly, I can’t even remember that far back. It was mostly sleeping really late, reading awesome books, catching up with my family and friends and spending quality time, in the form of every second of every day, with my Timly (AWWWWWGHHHH).

I’d like to say I had a great time, but really, without Tim there, the BadTimes would’ve at least equaled the GoodTimes, and that’s a ratio that really could’ve been improved on, quite frankly. It was… difficult being back at home. I’d forgotten the extent to which my family doesn’t function as a normal one. That and some things at home needing sorting out, and some money problems, meant I broke down in tears on more than one occasion. I was looking forward to coming home, but was afraid of what I’d find here.

On that note, things seem to be working themselves out more or less. Some problems have resolved themselves, others are rearing their ugly head, the money troubles are changing but not for better or worse, really. Just changing.

For example, I come home to find my company in receivership, and all staff but the store manager and assistant manager let go. So now, having lost the EB job, I’m completely unemployed. A feeling I haven’t really experienced since I’ve moved here, let alone since we’ve had bills to pay and food to buy. Combined with Tim’s company giving THEIR entire staff a hard time on the money front, we’re a little concerned.

Blah, blah, blah, enough about money.

Fable 2 came out, World Tour came out, Rock Band finally hit Australia, we got a PS3, there’s been a lot of action on the video game front. Fable was every bit as excellent as I expected it to be. I’m waiting for the story to wear off a little so I can play it again, only different. Y’know. I’d like to pick up Storm of Zehir at some point, but I’ll be putting it off till it drops some more, and I get some income. Obviously.

Also, the WeekLAN this Thursday. Hopefully someone will have games my computer can handle that I can steal sample temporarily. But at the least I’ll snag borrow some Futurama, and maybe some of season 3 of Heroes.

I’m sorry I made you take your time off for Christmas, Tim, instead of the LAN. I didn’t even think. I’m sorry. 🙁

Well, Tim’s on his way home, and we’ve got to jump back on the gym wagon, though really, the leap itself should be more than enough exercise. And I’ve more writing to do elsewhere.

So ends the first post of Jess the Eloquent of Buttsvale.

For You

My darling Jess,

11 months ago, I promised you a Valentine’s Day present. A blog for us to share together, a beautiful garden on the internet where we could plant word-seeds, and watch them spiral out of control into an overgrown and unwieldy metaphor, just like that one.

I promised this to you, and I failed.

I failed really, really badly. I know it hurt you and oh, baby, I’m so sorry. I know I had reasons – house hunting with you, moving out with you, moving in with you, settling down, working, paying the bills, all these things. But that doesn’t matter. It’s not about reasons, it’s not about just being there, meeting your expectations, being able to pay the rent. That’s the bottom line. It’s not enough to just meet that, to just be there for you when you need it.

Love is about more than that. Love is about going above and beyond what’s required, doing more than you need to do, going out of your way to make sure the person you love knows that you want them, and you need them. I’ve never been good at romantic gestures at any time, let alone now when things are so hard. But I love you, Jess. I love you more than anything. And you deserve everything I can give you. I’m so sorry I couldn’t give you this sooner.

I know times are tough, and I wish things could be better. But while we can always find more money, we can always find different jobs – I could never, ever, find another you. I love you so much, my baby, and wherever we end up, whatever roof we sleep under at night, I will always be happy knowing that I have found the woman who I am going to spend the rest of my life with. And that is the only thing that matters to me.

So. Here it is. Our new blog – shiny, sexy, web-standards-adherent (mostly, heh) and ready to be used. I hope you enjoy it.

I love you.