If you can’t sleep, blog!

Good morning Cat-Dogs!

That’s right its morning here, almost 5am to be exact. Which I guess makes it morning over in Perth as well, and in like 50% of the world. But that’s not the point. The point is, I’m AWAKE. AGAIN. Tonight I realy can’t blame anyone but myself, I did nothing but sleep and drink tea and eat sugar all day, so I sort of saw this coming. Anyway, I figure, if I can’t sleep, BLOG.

My only problem with that, you see, is Tim’s ridiculously loud spacebar. I basically have to turn and see if he’s woken up after every word, which will make this post, at the very least, well thought out. Every space might be your last!

But I’m getting ahead of myself. I’ve already implied at least two things there that are out of sequence. Three actually. First is that we got all our electronics shipped over successfully, and CHEAPLY, which is very important. 6 boxes, 3500km, less than a hundred bucks. Also, over the weekend, which I thought was surprising as I was under the impression it took a week to drive from there to here? Perhaps that’s with breaks, I dunno.

Second, I’m using Tim’s computer. This is because, while I say “successfully” I should really temper that with a “mostly”. We thought the XBox would red ring. We hoped Tim’s monitor wouldn’t break ’cause we didn’t have the original box and was therefore uninsured. But all this was fine. What WASN’T fine, was my computer. Thanks to the help of some courier staff who couldn’t read the “This Way Up” signs, there’s something wrong with the fan again, which is fixable, but also something wrong with the hard drive apparently. Which is more difficult to replace given our current financial situation. So, for the moment, I’m using Tim’s computer on the odd occasion I need to. Which, fortunately, due to the habits formed over the last year or so, is fairly infrequently.

Finally, we are sleeping in the room as our electronics. As everything, really. Tim and I have taken up residency in the downstairs level of my house, which consists of one big bedroom, a tiny laundry, and a tiny ensuite. So we have a space to ourselves, affording us some privacy, which, in the last couple weeks or so has been VERY welcome.

And so, to escape  my parents lately, there has been a lot of reading books, a lot of video games, and we’ve even got Foxtel hooked up down here, so we’ve gone effectively from no TV at all to being overburdened with choice. Which, given what has been showing on Foxtel lately, pretty much amounts to the same thing.

As for things not material in nature, I’ve been reunited with many of my friends, though less than I would like, and less frequently than I desire. And I miss the spontaneity of the Perthians. With all respect to any of my Sydney friends reading, we basically have to book three weeks in advance to meet up for dinner, and even then everyone is late. Every. Time.

Screw this, I wanna meet up for bubble tea at like ten o’clock at night, and talk science with Mike. Or chicks with Felix. Or shit with Deebs. Or nothing in particular with John.

Its not that I don’t LIKE you Sydney people. Of course I do, or I probably wouldn’t have bothered coming back. It’s just you’re all so busy with your scholarships and your… I don’t even know what you people do with yourselves! But it’s not hang out with me, that’s for sure.

Now that just makes me feel bad, ’cause I’ve been the one to cancel the last few appointments due to lack of money and such. And I don’t begrudge you guys your lives. So I’m gonna just quit bitching and try and reason all the nasty things I just said about you with “I just miss you guys, is all”.

My parents are the same as ever. My Mum is having physio once a week, my Dad is leaving his computer with about the same frequency. Apparently its all over with his latest American Whore, but I don’t hold out much hope for the future. She wasn’t the first, I doubt she’ll be the last. I can’t help but wonder what happened, but it doesn’t sound like it was his decision. Which pleases me on some cruel little level.

I’ve been playing through Fable again lately as an evil character, which is proving to be just as much fun as a good ‘un. Tim’s been playing it as well, which has pleased me greatly, even more so since he’s really enjoying it. Unfortunately the latest DLC came out the day we left, and we have no wireless adapter for the 360, so I cannot partake of it’s wonder.

We totally heard a chick ask for a “wireless cord” in JB Hi-Fi the other day. Made me giggle furiously.

Totally got GH: Metallica the other day as well. Which was fun, but not nearly as much fun as I expected. The songs, while incredi-fun to listen to, are pretty repetitive to play, until you come to the Death Solos, that just make you want to die. Overall, I think I enjoyed Aerosmith as an add-on more than Metallica, just because the songs were more varied, and more technical to play, while still being fun. That’s just my opinion.

That and Slayer are the worst band ever. Seriously, I’m sure I’ll get some hatemail from the guy who googles “slayer” every day and email-bombs the people who disparage them, but seriously. As a seasoned metal head, I feel qualified to say that their guitar riffs are boring, they do nothing but scream incoherently, and the lyrics are dull and repetitive. And I know what you’re all thinking smart-alecs! “Aren’t ALL metal bands like that?!” It’s true, I’ll be the first to admit there are a lot of really bad death/thrash/speed/pants metal bands out there that are just as bad. But not ONE with the status in the subculture as Slayer. I DERIDE YOUR METAL ABILITIES, SLAYER.

While reading The Count of Monte Cristo tonight, I learned the word “vomitarium”. Turns out its NOT a room in which you go to vomit. Who knew, right?

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3 thoughts on “If you can’t sleep, blog!”

  1. Well if it makes you feel better we’ve been to bubble tea like once (?) since you left. Though I could be 100% wrong with that.

    Also no spontaneous trips to Fast Eddies, which disappoints me to no end. I’m starting to get the shakes from not have any nacho sause in my blood. Not to mention there’s no one to keep me in line here, no one to punch me back into reality. I put the word ‘Faggots’ down as something you find in a park in Scattergories and Mike’s board game sense didn’t even tingle. I also put down ‘Fuck’ as a type of sandwich, that one didn’t go though. But I find utterly hilarious.

    And yep Tim should enjoy Fable it’s a good game. Yeeaaaah I’ll go back and finish it one of these days…I hope. 🙂

    It’s good to hear you blog, I can hear you monologuing in my head which is somewhat pleaseing to me, I don’t know why.

    Anyway I’m sure I speak for everyone here in Perth (and I mean the entire population) when I say you’ve both been missed too.

    And I hearby decree to, as well as get my own bubble tea next time we go, I will also get a large Blueberry, double sago, no ice and drink that as well. Just for you Jess!

  2. Pah to the dicitonary! Language is organic – at least as organic as vomit. Reclaim, reform, whatever, I am totally using vomitorium exclusively to refer to regurgitation specific rooms from here on in.

    Also, don’t it always seem to go etc, now that you guys are on the other side of the country I am sorely put out by my inability to rendezvous wit you. Let’s all pretend that I didn’t squander the year we spent living ten minutes away from each other (and the four or so years before that living five minutes apart). Okay? Let’s not.

    NB: Also pretending I did not answer ‘6’ to the spam prevention question ‘Sum of 2 + 8’.

  3. Great site!!!!! Sleep is very important. It helps your body repair its self for the next day. Sleep, the right diet, execise and water is necessary good health and well-being. Being a cancer survior my health is my greatest asset and more precious than anything.

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