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Howdy, howdy, howdy!

So, you can probably tell, I gave up on that 30 days with Jess thing. It was fun to force myself to write everyday, but it was really boring writing about myself all the time. I mean, I guess that’s essentially what a blog is for, and something I do generally anyway, but it was all superficial and pretty shallow stuff. So I stopped after Sarah! Who is amazing.

Tim and I just got back from our honeymoon, for those who don’t know. We went to the UK and then briefly to Germany, and were gone for just over a fortnight. It was a great experience, and I had a really great time. Even the flying, which I thought would be the worst part, was not that bad. I had so much stuff to do all ready, book, writing book, DS loaded with brand new games, iPad loaded with new books and games. I was set! Then I didn’t end up using any of that, cause the stuff they had on the in flight entertainment was so good.

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Upload a favourite picture of your best friend (Day 9 of 30)

Upload, huh? Doesn’t say anything about writing here! So technically I don’t have to write anything, riiigght? No. Oh.

So, Sarah. She’s my bestest friend ever. Well, apart from Tim. But that’s okay, I’m sure she loves Steve more than me, and I can allow that! Sarah is my bestest friend that I’m not married to though. Apart from people in my family, I’ve known her longer than anyone. Well, I guess apart from the rest of her family, whom I all met at the same time. Man, we were all so different 15 years ago. Liz was a tiny baby. And we were all still kids, playing dress-ups and being bratty, and generally not appreciating how amazing Sarah is. Well, I guess that was mostly me. I remember being so jealous of her all the time ’cause she was (is) so beautiful and special. There were a lot of times when we wouldn’t speak to each other over some dumb thing or another. But eventually, we always came back together, until I finally hit sentience and realised how amazing she is, and that I was so lucky to have a friend like her.

Anyway, here’s her picture!

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Places travelled, and places I’d like to travel (Day 8 of 30)

Hi everybody!

Sorry it’s been a little while. Between feeling shitty, getting really drunk and feeling pretty bummed out about the whole blogging thing, I thought I’d take a little holiday and come back fresher than ever with the start of the new week. That, and I’ve been playing Neverwinter Nights like a fiend. Not as much as Steam would lead you to believe, though. That’s just me leaving it open all day. It really means a lot to me that you know that I’m not actually playing for 12 hours straight.

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What makes me happy? (Day 7 of 30)

Seventh entry, the first week complete! So it’s not an exact week ’cause I skipped a couple days, but come on! Props for endurance, amirite?

I’ve been having the biggest craving to play Neverwinter Nights 2 lately, but I’ve been putting it off and putting it off. Finally, the urge to play became too great, and I sat down to install it while I wrote this blog entry. I open the box, and the CD isn’t in there. It isn’t in there! Where the HELL is it?! I’ve lost it. I don’t know where it is. That shits me enough. What shits me even more is that I have to buy it again, digitally. Which is okay, apart from the massive 11GB download. But no, what shits me is that the whole game, plus the two expansions is only $19.95 on Steam. And it’s not even on sale. I still have the sticker on one of the boxes from the FIRST time I bought it, and it was $49.95 on it’s own. ARGH. I know, I know, I’m essentially complaining about how cheap shit on the internet is. But it shits me that they make us pay so much money at launch and then still it for next to nothing later.

Anyway, annoying. But I’m not meant to be talking about annoying things today! That was yesterday! Today I’m meant to be talking about what makes me happy.

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